National Museum of Funeral History 24th Annual Charity Golf Classic Raises $600,000

By: Southern Funeral Director Magazine
Tuesday, October 9, 2018


The National Museum of Funeral History recently held their “24th Annual Charity Golf Classic” at the Kingswood Country Club as 94 sponsors, 375 players and 40 volunteers all collectively helped to raise over $600,000 for the event. The continued support each and every year helps the museum to continue its mission in “educating and informing” the general public on the funeral service profession and its history. 

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The event began Sunday evening with a “Welcome Reception” hosted at the Museum located on the campus of Commonwealth College, Houston, Texas. Colleagues, guests and sponsors enjoyed the fellowship and networking opportunity as well as viewing all of the highly educational exhibits provided by the Museum. The highlight of the evening was the “History of Cremation” exhibit as well as the “Tribute to Roy Rogers” artifacts display and 1963 Pontiac Bonneville. Monday morning began with a lite breakfast and check-in as the rain clouds hovered all around, however, the morning gave way to moderate sunshine and a fun day of golf on all 3 of the Kingswood’s championship courses eventually prevailed. Everyone managed the altered accommodations very well, as the entire country club was undergoing renovations, thanks to hurricane Harvey from 2017. Making it a unique experience for all who attended. 

We look forward to seeing everyone again and hope to see new faces in the crowd at our 25th Annual Charity Golf Classic on May 20th 2019. Save the Date! For more information visit or Conatct Genevieve Keeney at 281-876-3063.

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