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Southern Funeral Director Magazine was started by John W. Yopp, Sr. in 1919 as a favor to those funeral director friends in the Atlanta, Georgia area that wanted their own regional trade journal. Prior to his interest in SFD Magazine, John Sr., had spent the previous 12 yrs. as the owner of Southern Banker Publishing Company as well as Refrigeration Magazine, formerly known as ICE.

SFD Magazine has always been family owned and operated by the Yopp family. From John Sr., to Beatrice Lambdin Yopp, John W. Yopp, Jr., Mary Yopp Cronley and now John W. Yopp, III have all continued the entrepreneurial spirit that John Sr., created and remain committed to serve the funeral, cemetery and cremation industries with the same passion that was started back in 1919.

Our commitment to our readers and advertisers is our top priority. We promise to offer the advertisers the best possible advertising environment specifically designed to generate maximum exposure in offering the finest quality products and services available in the Death Care Industry.

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