Here’s Why Funeral Companies Advertise With Us


Reason #1 . . . Valued and Respected Publication

For more than 100 years, Southern Funeral Director magazine has been a trusted source and resource for its readers and advertisers, not only in the South but throughout the country.  And our singular focus continues to be on making our print magazine the best it can be and not dabbling in digital advertising offerings.

Reason #2 . . . Insightful Editorial

Our editorial format is designed to create a reader-friendly environment that enhances your advertising – not bury it.  Our readers appreciate our editorial style.  Our publication flourishes thanks to supplier-contributed content.  As readers page through our magazine, they can find useful and valuable information – not only in the articles but the advertising and news releases as well.

Reason #3 . . . Loyal Readership

Although the magazine has a presence in all 50 states, the majority of our 10,000+ readers are centered around 16 southern states.  Many of our readers have known and read our publication for several generations.  They have come to trust our editorial, our advertisers, and the products and services they provide.

Reason #4 . . . Family-owned and Family-operated Company

Southern Funeral Director magazine was started in 1919 by John Yopp III’s grandfather, John Sr.  The magazine grew and was perfected first by John Jr. and then his daughter, (John III’s sister) Mary Yopp Cronley.  The magazine is now owned and published by John Yopp III, who promises to continue to offer his advertisers the best possible environment, designed specifically to generate awareness and business.

Reason #5 . . . Valued-added Marketing Support

Our philosophy is to offer our advertisers more bang for their buck.  That’s why we offer things like free company profile pages, generous ad frequency discounts, and digital reprints of client-written articles to regular advertisers.  Not to mention, we love to run the news releases we get from our advertisers.  And did I mention that we are not raising our advertising rates in 2022? 

Let’s work together to help you market your products and services to our readers throughout the year!