Why Funeral Management Software is Crucial for Modern Death Care

By: Chase Downs
Monday, December 11, 2023

It’s no secret that deathcare, including all its challenges, is changing. That’s why funeral software has emerged and plays a crucial part in modern death care. This blog delves into the key role software plays in addressing challenges faced by funeral professionals today.

Deathcare has changed drastically over time. Up until the 20th century families held funerals themselves and even the burial of the deceased often took place on the families’ property. As funeral services became more com mon, funeral homes were established to provide deathcare in communities. These funeral homes were typically family-run, but this began to change in the 60’s as funeral homes were consolidated. Though services have continuously evolved, just twenty years ago it was still the norm for funeral directors to hand deliver death certificates and other required forms. However, in recent years deathcare has taken great strides, evolving and integrating with technology.

As modern problems, needs, and opportunities have arisen, deathcare has had to adapt. To stay relevant and maintain a healthy business, funeral homes must address these modern challenges with modern solutions. We’ll be addressing how you can overcome some of the most common challenges with Funeral Management Software.

Educating families is essential to helping them feel they are receiving the value they deserve. Providing families with a clear view of what to expect also ensures you are both on the same page. Guide them through the deathcare process by showing them the work you are providing and helping them understand their part. Gather’s customizable workflows do just this.

It’s becoming increasingly important to offer personalized services that help your funeral home stand out. Luckily there are a variety of ways funeral homes can create unique value in their services. For example, you can personalize a service by serving the decedent’s favorite food or having a local band play. Remember pages are another way to help personalize a service in a way that helps preserve a loved one’s memory. Remember pages are custom pages, part of Gather’s case management, created for every case. A family creating a remember page for their loved one simply picks a design, uploads pictures, and shares memories. It all lives on online, forever.

Having a website that effectively showcases your services, is crucial in advertising your funeral home. On your website, you can provide engaging features, such as an obituary slider and even the option to subscribe to obituary notifications. Keep in mind that through your site and obituaries, you are advertising your funeral home. If you’re interested in having a custom-built website that will engage your community, Gather would love to help. You should also consider maintaining your appearance through your socials, business listings, and local events.

Cremations are only becoming more and more popular. So, how can you offer cremations in a way that adds value? A digital showroom can provide a great way to offer cremations as well as add value with additional offers. Gather maps your GPL and price lists and creates a digital showroom that makes presenting your cremation services simple. Remember that one of the best places to add value to a cremation is in the service. Your services are what make your funeral home unique. Remembering that your services can’t be provided anywhere else, is key to embracing the shift towards cremation.

As families continue to lean towards affordable options, the best thing you can do is communicate your value and respect the family’s budget. By addressing all of the previously mentioned concerns, you’ll be set for success. Funeral Management Software is a key part of the solution and finding one that works for your business is crucial. 

Chase Downs joined Gather in 2022 and is a funeral home advocate. He’s written articles on a variety of subjects includ ing technology, marketing, software, and funeral trends, and his job at Gather is to make helpful content for their blog. You can contact him directly at chase. downs@gather.app. 

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