Why Do People Make Tributes to Other People?

By: John Yopp
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Tributes are a special way to honor the life of someone living or deceased. They help those who hear the tribute to recognize the unique contributions the person made to the world around them. These special speeches, songs, and poems also help the person’s legacy to continue by encouraging others to spread the same kind of love, kindness, or generosity that the person displayed.

Too often, people aren’t recognized for their contributions to society, their family, and their community. To solve this issue, tributes are created for those who are living or deceased as a way to honor them for their impact on the world. 

While living tributes are usually held for famous members of society, families often memorialize their deceased by offering tributes after they are dead. These tributes occur during funeral, memorial, and celebration-of-life services.

Tributes for a deceased member of your family can be paid no matter the size of impact the person had on the world. If they touched your life, that’s enough of a reason to create a tribute in their honor. Then, through your tribute, they can impact the lives of those in attendance and their legacy will continue.

Different Types of Tributes for a Living or Deceased Person

Whether a tribute is created for a person who is still living or a person who died, the types of tributes are similar. The biggest difference will be in the way that a person is talked about in the tribute. Those who are still living will often be thanked for the contributions they made and continue to make to the world. Those who have died will be thanked for how they made the world a better place.

Here are several types of tributes you might consider creating for someone you love. Online Memorial Sites are growing in popularity and are being used to supplement or in place of a traditionally published obituary. While an obituary published in a newspaper can only be read by those who happen to see the obituary on the day it’s published, an online memorial website can be accessed by all of your friends and relatives as soon as it’s published and onward.

Many online memorial sites allow friends, family, and visitors to the site to interact by posting pictures and videos of the person, signing a digital guestbook, and posting memories they have with the person. 

Many online memorial sites allow friends, family, and visitors to the site to interact by posting pictures and videos of the person, signing a digital guestbook, and posting memories they have with the person. 

A Tribute Speech usually made during a memorial celebration or a celebration of life gathering, but it can also be spoken during a funeral. This speech often highlights important contributions the person made to their family, their community, or their industry. 

The person you’re thinking of doesn’t need to have revolutionized the world or found a cure for cancer to be the recipient of a tribute speech. Memorializing the impact they had on your life or the life of their family is a stirring tribute to a life well-lived and will demonstrate how they used the time they had for good.

Honoring Loved One’s Life or Paying Tribute to the Life and Memory of a loved one is an especially meaningful way to ensure that their legacy continues. Not only will you create something special in their honor, but those in attendance during your tribute will also benefit from your retelling of what made your loved one special, important, and valued. Creating a tribute is one of the best ways you can honor the life of your loved one.







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