A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

By: Jess Short, Gather
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

As a little girl, I loved to flip through all our old photo albums. Pages full of pictures of vacations and pets, smiling faces of parents, grandparents, cousins, and babies, but what I loved most was when my mom would share the few photos she had of my grandmother when she was a young woman. 

The one that was my favorite, despite having a pen mark accidentally drawn across the front, was of my grandmother and my grandfather. My grandmother was impeccably styled in the most beautiful dress with perfectly curled hair. She looked like an actress from an old 1950’s Hollywood film. 

Now, as an adult when I look at that same photo, I remember all the stories my grandmother had shared about her life over the years, losing her sister to pneumonia when she was five, and then the loss of her mother when she was a teenager and her father a few years after that. How she married my grandfather, the love of her life, at twenty-one in a dress she had sewn herself by hand. How she went on to have four children, who then had children of their own.

One photo can hold so many memories, not in itself but in preserving the stories and memories of those in them when they are no longer here with us. Sadly, time is not so kind to such delicate things as photographs, they get packed away in drawers, boxes, and albums and as many of us know all too well as years pass, we are often left with faded memories and far too few reminders of those we have lost to hold onto.

In this digital age, we now have a way to permanently preserve the stories and memories of those that we love, and as our lives become more and more digital, so does our way of paying tribute to the memories of those that are no longer with us. 

With the help of technology, funeral homes are now able to offer families the ability to build their loved ones beautiful, secure, and lasting tribute pages that will live on forever.

In the modern digital world, families can store an unlimited number of photos, stories, and memories digitally on the cloud in a secure and protected way to ensure those memories can be cherished for generations to come. 

Whether family and friends upload their favorite photos, light a candle, send flowers, or share a story about their loved one, in this era of digitization everything is perfectly tracked and preserved in a beautiful way that creates a unique social and memorial experience unlike any other we have seen before. 

Jess Short joined Gather in 2020 and is thrilled to use her passion for Marketing to share Gather’s incredible story and help support the remarkable funeral professionals that help so many families. Jess leads Gather’s Marketing Department and has been published in several funeral trade magazines. She has written articles on a variety of subjects including technology, marketing, software, and funeral trends. You can contact Jess directly at jessica.short@gather. app.






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